Class Descriptions

“The Grind” (Tues, Thurs, Saturday)

“The Grind” is a 60 minute session programmed using principles of strength and hypertrophy training, functional movements, and bodyweight strength/conditioning for a total body workout. Expect to do major lifts (barbell squat variations, deadlift, and bench press) as well as using accessory equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, suspension trainers, and more. This is the bread and butter of our training at Thrive House guaranteed to get you stronger, leaner/toned, and equip you with skills that carry over to your day to day life.

Tuesdays: Upper body strength | Thursdays: Lower body strength | Saturday: Full body

“Money Makers” (Monday’s)

Money makers is a 60 minute session dedicated to growing the glutes (booty) and strengthening the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back) the major areas that contribute to eliminating back pain and strengthening your core. This session incorporates bodyweight exercises, barbell weight lifting, mini/resistance bands, and more.

“Core/Cardio Camp” (Wednesday’s)

Our Core + Cardio camp is a 60 minute session that focuses on torching fat and strengthening your core through high intensity interval training. This session will incorporate bodyweight exercises, some running (sprints, sled pushes, etc.) battling ropes, assault bikes, suspension training, and more. Looking to get those wash board abs? This is a class you won’t want to miss.

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Recurring Monthly Membership Pricing

Class Drop In $20

8 Classes/Month $125

12 Classes/Month $145

Unlimited $165