Your new favorite place to train

Thrive House is a 1,500 sq ft functional training facility. It isn’t a Crossfit gym, nor is it filled with tons of sedentary machines like your traditional globo gym. We have an open layout that is made for you to MOVE, as well as brand new equipment meant for you to THRIVE. We are located down the alleyway behind the Wholesale Nutrition Center and there is a free, private parking lot and restrooms onsite.



  • 5 Squat racks

  • Athletic turf

  • Barbells (men’s and women’s) Hex bars

  • Kettlebells/Dumbbells/Oly plates

  • TRX suspension training straps

  • Slam balls, medicine balls

  • Plyo boxes

  • Battling ropes

  • Assault bikes

  • And more!